Whiskey Hill Pinot Gris 

Whiskey Hill Pinot Noir Rosé

In the works! 

The fruit was sourced from Nokia Hill Vineyard, high in the Cascade Foothills of the Willamette Valley, this Pinot Gris is crisp and refreshing. 

This Estate Rosé is made from 100% Dijon 115 Pinot Noir.  Our Whiskey Hill Rosé is pricked slightly more ripe than a typical Rosé giving it a beautiful deep color and wonderful flavor complexity making for a wine club favorite!

This Estate wine is made from 100% handpicked Dijon 115 Pinot Noir.  The grapes are rushed from the vineyard into the press where we skip crushing and de-steming and whole-cluster press the grapes to give us this nearly clear Pinot Noir juice.  From there the juice is fermented as a white wine to give us this wonderful refreshing dry White Pinot Noir.

Whiskey Hill White Pinot Noir

Whiskey Hill Pinot Noir

This single vineyard, single clone Pinot Noir is our Flagship wine.  Made from 100% handpicked Dijon 115 Pinot Noir our Whiskey Hill label features 15 to 24 month oak aging and the winemaker’s preferred blend of each of our three different Pinot Noir blocks.

A refreshing semi-sweet white blend of 45% Riesling, 45% Gewürztraminer, and 10% Muscat.

Postlewait's Wedding White

We're incredibly lucky to source Syrah grapes from our friends at St. Josef's just down the road.  This big bold red is a great change of pace from the lighter Pinot Noir's of the Willamette Valley!

Whiskey Hill Syrah

We're currently planting new vines, including Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Gamay Noir, Merechal Foch & Leon Millot!  In 2017 we also processed Leon Millot, & Marechal Foch which should be ready for release in mid 2019! For Updates join our mailing list bleow! 

Postlewait's Pinot Noir

Named after Farm owners Gary & Carolyn Postlewait this Pinot Noir is fruit forward & food friendly.  The label features the "Hitchin' Post" Saloon, familiar to so many from the great Weddings & Events!

We started with wines custom made for our Tasting Room under the Postlewait's label, named after the farm owners Gary and Carolyn Postlewait.  Now, we've added our handcrafted Whiskey Hill label featuring our Pinot Noir, Rosé, White Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris!