Our Story

Our wine is special, yes I think it tastes pretty good, but I’m kind of partial.  This place, this wine, it’s about family, friendships and good times. 

To go all the way back to the beginning, Gary and Carolyn Postlewait met in high school on the neighboring family farm across the road.  After marrying, they continued to farm all over the valley including crops of berries, broccoli, corn, wheat, cucumbers, grass seed and more.  They dedicated long hours to their crops, but more importantly to their family.  20 years ago they moved to their current location (from all the way across the street :)) and made the property the beauty it is today.  The farm is currently home to two Filbert Orchards, three blocks of Pinot Noir and a heard of red and white face Hereford's. 

In 2001 they had their oldest daughter's wedding reception at the farm.  The party was such a big hit other friends and family started having their weddings & receptions there.  Over the years the business grew and flourished drawing the government’s attention. 

In 2008 and 2009 they went though a very long permitting process becoming the first known legal EFU venue in Clackamas County, Postlewait's Country Weddings.  As part of the process they had to plant 15 acres of Pinot Noir grapes.  At the time the intent was to sell the grapes and maybe keep some to play with.

Not too long after we sat at breakfast one morning after church.  The Home Place in Silverton, for whoever is wondering.  While sitting around and trying to keep our children from destroying the restaurant, I said something like, “How hard could it be to make wine?” 

So, we took the scenic drive though Keizer and across Wheatland Ferry, all the way to McMinnville and wondered into a winery supply store, totally clueless about what we were getting ourselves into.  We walked around the store, chasing kids, and trying to understand everything we were looking at.  Eventually we left with a few pointers from staff, a book or two and car load of equipment.

Later that year we picked a very small amount of grapes and went to town on it making some homemade wine!  We didn't have equipment to crush grapes so we took a vote and my beautiful wife, Jacqueline, was voted as the stomper.  It was actually a pretty easy pick as she had the least leg hair, and she liked wine the most.  

So, under the trees, right outside where the tasting room is now, our first grapes were crushed on a really cold fall night and fermented on the back porch of the old house.

We quickly realized we needed something to press with.  So, Gary’s father, Fred Postlewait, lent us a press he built by hand about 40 years prior.  The same press is still on display in our Tasting Room today.  

Things have changed a lot over the years.  We’ve grown from 4 carboys (20 gallons) of Pinot Noir in our garage to over 2,000 gallons annually!  We cant wait to share our wines with you in our tasting room!

Come Join the fun!

~ Chris, Jacqueline & Family!